After series of improvement and upgrades Model Rover MARK II is launched after
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DAZZLE 2003 is made of Super Tough glass filled Nylon material having...
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Dazzle 2000 is made of Super Tough glass filled Nylon material having minimum 2 mm thickness in 1 piece construction.

Suitable for 50W/55W Halogen Lamp.
Operating range of about 1000 mt. (i.e. 1 km)
Bean distance of 350mt. (minimum) so as to detect group of persons.
Shock resistance front glass.
SMPS inbuilt charger working on from 100 V to 270 V, 50Hz.
Special Dimming Feature for INDOORS uses.
Emergency Lighting Effect for INDOORS uses.
Timer and continuous mode.
Auto flashing feature with variable ON/OFF time.
Manual flashing mode.
Advance low battery status indication is also provided with long delayed audio beep.
DC blown fuse indicator is provided on the panel.
Adjustable timer (optional)
Remote control optional.
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