After series of improvement and upgrades Model Rover MARK II is launched after
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DAZZLE 2003 is made of Super Tough glass filled Nylon material having...
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DAZZLE 2001 is made of Super Tough glass filled Nylon material having minimum 2 mm thickness 1 piece construction.

Micro controller based HHSL.
Suitable for 50W/55W Halogen Lamp.
Operating range of about 1 MILE.
Bean distance of 350mt. (minimum) so as to detect group of persons.
Membrane switches (gold plated tracks with minimum life of 1 million operations) back –lit with distinct colour LEDs.
LCD panel with two line 12/16 character display to indicate:
» Battery status at all times as BATT OK, BATT LOW nd BATT OFF corresponding to battery in charged condition, advance low battery indication when battery voltage is 11V or below and battery cut off condition when battery voltage falls below 10.5V
» Dimming status at all times as GLW xxx% with xxx indicating 0 to 100% glow.
» Flashing rates as FLRT x only in Auto Flashing setting only x shall have value of 1 to 9 corresponding to the ratio of ON time of 150 millisecond and OFF time of 150, 300, 450, 600, 750, 900, 1050, 1200 and 1350 millisecond respectively.
» Time count down for light glow in timer mode and in delayed ON time mode.
» Two line MANUAL OPEN/PRESS ON in manual flashing mode.
» CONTINUOUS in continuous mode.
    Timer can be set from 5 sec to 15 mints.
    Delayed On timer mode timer can be set from 0 sec to 5 min with default setting of 0 sec.
    Shock resistance front glass (will not break even if water droplets fall on it while in use)
    SMPS inbuilt charger working on from 90V to 270 V.
    Special Dimming Feature for INDOOR use.
    Emergency Lighting Effect for INDOOR use.
    Advance low battery status indication is also provided with long delayed audio beep.
    DC blown fuse indicator is provided on the panel.
    Remote control optional.
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